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Off white factory produces Air Jordan 1. What are their sneaker like?

  • Thursday, 09 December 2021
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Hello, everyone, I’m tony, today we’re going to talk about the Air Jordan 1 produced by Off white factory, and talk about their design inspiration and how their shoes look like

1.Off white factory's inspiration for designing Air Jordan 1
for example:

Off white factory's black and green toe design inspiration

The number of new Air Jordan 1 products sold by Off white factory is crazy. Recently, it has been revealed on the Internet that there will be a pair of "black and green toes" Air Jordan 1 "Pine Green" this fall.

According to the rendering renderings currently exposed, the shoe design details are exactly the same as the "black and red toes" that have been released this year, except that the toe, heel and outer bottom are filled with dark green, which is less than the "black and red toes". It's ostentatious, but more low-key and tough. From the imaginary picture, Off white factory uses a color scheme similar to black and red toes, just replacing the original red part with a military green tone. I believe it is another autumn product. Will you start?

2.How about Off white factory Air Jordan 1

When I first saw it, I didn't think I could wear this kind of shoes. I just thought the color scheme was good because I liked blue drops. Then I really like it after getting on my feet. First of all, it is very comfortable to wear, and the legs are invincible. I feel that it looks good with a coat. Hehe, I took a leisure time yesterday and took a pair of white and blue echoes. All the little fairies should get a pair!! The first pair of sneakers in the new year has been taken. It's been half a month since I got it. Personally, I think the color scheme is invincible and beautiful. Off white factory is my favorite color scheme except for black and red. Sisters and brothers who like it, hurry up and buy it!!

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