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Off white factory YEEZY Upper foot physical examination

  • Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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Hello, everyone, I’m tony. In the previous article, I introduced Off white factory YEEZY to you. In this issue, I will bring you the Yeezy experience and how to maintain Yeezy!

Off white factory Yeezy 350 V2 finally got it. How could it be unsightly with so many male gods on their feet? The gray tone with a touch of orange is just right. Adi really wants to thank Kanye for making so many pairs of shoes. The first feeling on the feet is softer than the nmd bottom, which is probably the closest to the feeling of ultra boost. The one size smaller size is mainly caused by the relatively flat toe. The price will not be announced anyway.

Off white factory yeezy didn't plant grass when it first started. I feel that these shoes are ugly and show big feet, so I haven't bought them. But when this color scheme appeared, I still liked it very much, but at that time, the spot price was all over 1w+, and I felt that there was no need to buy it. I really wanted to buy two pairs of yeezy (black, red, gray and orange) from my boyfriend. He asked me to try them on and feel the popcorn bottom. Really, I immediately planted grass at the time!!! It was so comfortable!!! My mother asked her to buy me zebras. I bought this pair from the Daigou. Without shit, you can't get the original price. But it’s also fun to increase the price for your favorite shoes.

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