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Off white factor version of AJ shoes

  • Friday, 07 January 2022
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Hello everyone, my name is tony. Today I will bring you the Off white factory version of AJ shoes!

  I actually like the Off white factory version of the AJ series. Too fresh and cool to wear in summer. That glance was too unforgettable. It really changed the world view. When I wore this pair at school, I was secretly photographed and posted to the school.

I bought the Off white factory version of sneakers on our website! This pair of shoes was once sold to thousands of people, but I didn't intend to go shopping and saw a female model at the Hangzhou West Lake Yintai Jordan counter! There is also my 36.5 size. I feel really lucky to buy it at the original price. I just padded the inner height in it. This looks longer legs haha.

How to buy off white factory version of sneakers

1. Comfort: Whether the shoes of the Off white factor version have topping and grinding; heel grinding and kicking phenomenon, heel drop situation; overall shoe holding condition, whether it feels close to the foot; whether it is hypertrophy; kicking in other places Or scratch conditions;

2. Determine whether the aesthetic effect of your Off white factory version of the shoes matches you.

3. Press the material contacting the sole with your hand forcefully to check whether there is any phenomenon of opening the glue.

4. Check the stitching condition of the Off white factory version of the car thread, such as continuous thread, no floating thread, no falling thread, tight line, smooth line, etc.

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