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off white factory teaches everyone how to put shoes to save space at home

  • Wednesday, 08 December 2021
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Hello, everyone, I’m tony. I believe you have a lot of shoes from off white factory at home, but there are too many shoes and it’s hard to pack. Now I will share with you some suggestions from off white factory!

Method 1: One grid with two layers, change the direction of the shoes

The first one is Tony's favorite method~ is to directly change the shoe cabinet from the off white factory into a double layer! The method is very simple. You can buy a shoe storage tool. After putting it in the cabinet, you can put the same pair of shoes one by one! And off white factory suggests that you can put the same pair of shoes on the upper and lower layers, with the upper toe toe facing outwards and the lower toe toe facing inward, so that you can judge which pair of shoes it is!

Method 2: Choose a cabinet that can be adjusted in height at any time

If the space in your home is not large enough to be arranged in the following way, it is recommended that you can choose a cabinet that can be adjusted in height and width at any time in the off white factory. In this way, whether it is a very fat snow boot or a very tall one Knee boots and flat slippers can be put in according to your own wishes, and no space will be wasted!

Method 3: off white factory recommends "hanging" storage in the wardrobe

This method made the editor amazed! Very suitable for centipede renters! Put a hook in the closet or behind the door to store shoes in the following way~Buy one-by-one hanging storage, or the compartment that usually fits in the closet, you can easily store it Store the shoes separately and see them at a glance! The point is, it won't look super chaotic! There is more space on the floor and you can arrange it arbitrarily~~ By the way, off white factory also recommends that the wardrobe is the kind of clothes rail that appears in the night market, otherwise the wardrobe will smell strange~

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