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Replica Shoes MLB's new autumn and winter CHUNKY LINER senior shoes released

  • Saturday, 20 August 2022
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Replica Shoes MLB's new autumn and winter

CHUNKY LINER senior shoes released

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

The street life sports brand MLB, which is popular in Asia, has launched a new autumn and winter CHUNKY LINER school shoes, bringing more possibilities to fashion players. This season, CHUNKY LINER continues to use the name of "Student Shoes". With the blessing of classic shoe shapes, it is decorated with autumn and winter color matching to interpret the feeling of a teenager.

The MLB brand is inspired by the cool straight shots played by the batter. On the regenerated leather of the original upper of the CHUNKY LINER senior shoes, the reflective piping detail line is added, continuing the high-top and low-top shoe types, and adding new The autumn and winter color matching opens up a new "juvenile feeling" movement line for trend players from all walks of life. CHUNKY LINER senior shoes have the versatile attributes of multiple scenes, regardless of style boundaries, whether they are cool and capable or simple and casual, they can show a sense of youthful atmosphere with the blessing of "senior shoes".

In addition, MLB brand classic shoes - CHUNKY CLASSIC classic dad shoes, BIG BALL CHUNKY classic dad shoes and MULE slip-on shoes also open a new chapter for autumn and winter. Anytime and anywhere, you can "push" the field with a high profile.

MLB brand 2022 new autumn and winter shoes have now landed in MLB brand offline stores and MLB brand Tmall flagship store. Please pay attention to MLB brand official Weibo and WeChat for more release information and product information.

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