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Replica Shoes Trophy Room and Air Jordan 1 High OG

  • Wednesday, 20 July 2022
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Replica Shoes Trophy Room and Air Jordan 1 High OG

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

The official image of the Air Jordan 1 High OG co-branded sneakers launched by Jordan's son Trophy Room and Jordan Brand has been exposed.

Although Marcus Jordan, the eldest son of the god of basketball, Michael Jordan, has no great achievements on the basketball court, he established the sneaker shop Trophy Room with the help of "close to the water, first-serving the moon", but the operation is prosperous. Trophy Room will cooperate with Jordan Brand every year. A heavy joint name is carried out, but each release can only be in the Trophy Room, which makes domestic players a little regretful. Next year Trophy Room will bring you a blockbuster joint name: Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1.

The latest shoes have been exposed in advance. Not only are they based on the highly popular white and red Chicago Air Jordan 1, but the coolest thing is that the heel is embellished with Jordan's personal signature, the outsole is set against red and blue five stars, and Trophy is embroidered on the insole. Room's exclusive print, showing high specifications everywhere, you can see this special shoe box is dressed in blue with stars, the shoe box is also printed with the combination of Trophy Room and flying wings, and comes with a separate card with the shoe , highlighting the premium specifications.

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