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Replica Shoes YEEZY BOOST 700 MNVN fluorescent yellow color matching

  • Thursday, 04 August 2022
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Replica Shoes YEEZY BOOST 700 MNVN fluorescent yellow color matching

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

The popular shoe model YEEZY BOOST 700 MNVN will usher in a new "Phosphor" color scheme.


The new color matching of the YEEZY BOOST 700 MNVN shoes retains the original outline. The upper is made of lightweight polyester fiber. The seamless cover surface enhances breathability, elasticity and comfort. With the iconic silver "700" words, It is complemented by some reflective details to highlight its avant-garde and futuristic sense, and the sole is equipped with a full-foot BOOST™ cushioning system to achieve various classic configurations.


This "Phosphor" not only shows people with a very eye-catching fluorescent yellow shape, but also uses a "no shoelace" system to replace the past easy to put on and take off of the tie-free elastic shoelaces, creating a way of putting on and taking off that is closer to a slip-on shoe. And the midsole adopts a white appearance version, which makes the whole more in line with the sunshine and comfort of spring and summer.

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