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Replica Shoes Black Samurai YEEZY FOAM RNR

  • Wednesday, 03 August 2022
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Replica Shoes Black Samurai YEEZY FOAM RNR

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

YEEZY FOAM RUNNER's new "ONYX" color scheme is about to be released. YEEZY FOAM RUNNER "ONYX" uses a deep ore black color scheme to present a high-quality texture.

The YEEZY FOAM RUNNER "ONYX" is made of lightweight infused EVA foam, and its eco-friendly shoemaking method helps keep lakes clean, supported by algae harvesting technology. Well-designed ventilation holes and the soft surface of the sole provide wearing comfort.


In addition, YEEZY FOAM RUNNER will use new outer box packaging made of less material, further reducing resource consumption.

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