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Replica Shoes 361° BIG3 3.0 Pro Basketball Shoe

  • Monday, 17 October 2022
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Replica Shoes 361° BIG3 3.0 Pro Basketball Shoe

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

How about the 361° BIG3 3.0 Pro basketball shoes? This time, I will bring you the sharing of fashion shoe blogger @allendif, so that you can know more about 361° BIG3 3.0 Pro basketball shoes.

Here's what tide shoe blogger @allendif has to say:


I have worn it to the audience many times, and today I will share my actual combat experience with you, hoping to help you in your choice.

The shape and appearance of these shoes are very good-looking, and the upper feet are also very handsome. I don't know the value of this pair of shoes, how many points will you give? For me, it is absolutely possible to get high marks.

The point is to talk about its configuration and my actual combat experience: 

First of all, I personally like its vamp the most. It adopts tpu flying woven vamp. The 3D three-dimensional structure is special, thick and soft, and it fits the instep.

In general, the overall actual combat performance of the pair of BIG3 3.0 Pro is still very balanced, I think it can be controlled by the defender or the striker.

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