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Replica New Zion Williamson Signature Shoes Jordan Zion 2

  • Saturday, 29 October 2022
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Replica New Zion Williamson Signature Shoes Jordan Zion 2

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

Jordan Brand's new personal signature shoe for Zion Williamson's second-generation Jordan Zion 2 basketball shoe has been revealed. This time, Jordan Brand took into account Zion Williamson's frequent jumps, cuts and fast low-position moves. The design of this shoe mainly focused on three parts, namely, the impact resistance and cushioning heel, reinforced wrapping and A supportive body ensures a comfortable and flexible upper.

The designer reduced the full-foot Air Strobel air cushion to the back of the foot, thereby increasing the area of the forefoot Zoom Air cushion, while combining cushioning performance and landing stability, and through the high-performance Cup Sole midsole structure and upper straps , Under the synergy of the shoelace system, it increases the comfort of the feet.

In the design, you can see the description of "Nobody built like you, you design yourself" and the personal logo to symbolize identity. Among them, "Voodoo" and "Hope Diamond" are the first color matching.

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