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Replica New Tech Basketball Shoes Air Jordan 37 Exposure

  • Thursday, 27 October 2022
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Replica New Tech Basketball Shoes Air Jordan 37 Exposure

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

Jordan Brand's new Air Jordan 37 technical basketball shoes are released.

This new pair of Air Jordan 37 basketball shoes is relatively low-key compared to the past, because when Jordan Brand designed the shoes, they focused more on the research of the nature of basketball by Nike's Sport Research Lab (NSRL). Thus simplifying the complexity and focusing on the original intention of improving the actual combat performance of the shoes.

Michael Jordan has staged countless wonderful moments in his career, which have not only become precious memories in the hearts of fans around the world, but also treasured in the scientific sandbox in the NSRL (Note: The sandbox is a safety mechanism that provides an isolated environment for the program in execution), By dissecting these classic movements of less than 10 seconds and turning them into years of intensive laboratory research and testing, researchers have designed better shoes for talented young athletes; this time the new Air Jordan 37 is such a pair of practical weapons born in the science laboratory. It conducts in-depth research on the three different stages of jumping on the basketball court, namely, Crash, Load and Launch.

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