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Replica New Balance new TWO WXY basketball shoes

  • Thursday, 10 November 2022
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Replica New Balance new TWO WXY basketball shoes

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe

New Balance unveils the new TWO WXY basketball shoe that puts the spirit of fearlessness underfoot.

The new generation of basketball fans are no longer limited by the inherent position play on the court, they dare to break through and have no fear of challenges, and create more professional and suitable basketball shoes for these basketball fans who embody the sports spirit of WE GOT NOW. .

In order to better adapt to the modern basketball style, the new TWO WXY basketball shoes firstly chose New Balance's most advanced full-length FuelCell midsole technology in the midsole, creating a high-elasticity and lightweight foot feeling, making every take-off full of power. .

The body of the shoe is connected with TPU by a knitted mesh surface, which provides a lasting and stable fit of the feet, and also ensures that the feet are breathable and dry, so that every breakthrough is like a broken bamboo. The visible transparent crystal outsole not only enhances comfort, but also allows the wearer to see the embedded "Y"-shaped anti-twist system, which continues to show the charm of functional beauty and technology, bringing a unique sports fashion trend. .

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