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Replica Li Ning's Way of Wade 10 "Dawn" actual basketball shoes

  • Friday, 28 October 2022
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Replica Li Ning's Way of Wade 10 "Dawn" actual basketball shoes

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

How about Li Ning's Way of Wade 10 basketball shoes? Is it worth buying? In this issue, I bring you the Way of Wade 10 basketball shoes shared by sneaker blogger @DearLeon. If you like it, remember to follow him and collect it.

Sneakers Story


Before we knew it, The Way of Wade series also accompanied us to the tenth year. Ten years can be said to be the youth of many people. On the occasion of the tenth year of Way of Wade, we finally brought Way of Wade 10, the first release. The color matching is "Dawn" and "Blooming". The one I unpacked today is the Li Ning Way of Wade 10 "Dawn" color. When I got this pair of shoes, I was thinking about something to talk about, just talk about "Wade's way" and Wade. Although Wade has retired, as a friend of our post-80s generation, it really can be said that From his entry into the NBA to his retirement, he also represents our entire youth, just like the way of Wade 1st to 10th generation, who accompanied us all these years.

Wade can also be regarded as a model of cooperation with Chinese sneaker brands. At that time, the top stars who were at their peak signed contracts with our domestic brands. This is already sensational enough. It can be said that it is also a sign of the rise of our domestic brands, and the two sides have been cooperating So far, the continuous introduction of signature shoes, leading from generation to generation, is enough to explain the success of the entire Wade Way series and the success of national shoes.

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