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Li Ning Design launches customized exclusive sneakers for SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L

  • Tuesday, 18 October 2022
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Li Ning Design launches customized exclusive sneakers

for SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu L

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

Li Ning Design focuses on fashion trends, sports life and many other fields. With unique design concepts and a huge design resource system, it continues to break through innovation and provide exclusive design services for the brand. In March this year, SAIC Volkswagen's spicy aesthetic digital coupe Lingdu L was launched. This time, Li Ning designed the main color red version of Lingdu L as the design concept, and created exclusive customized shoes for it, using top sports genes in it, in order to pursue The personalized Z-generation youth brings the choice of sports trend pioneers.

The inspiration for this "rookie" comes from the red version of the main color of Lingdu L. Lingdu's nickname in the folk is spicy steamed buns, red is the representative of spicy, and the car paint is glossy red paint, which cuts into the whole shoe. keynote. "Rookie", as the name suggests, is a new generation. Li Ning's design is based on Li Ning's rookie basketball culture shoes, with a more modern, sports car design language and an innovative attitude to interpret.

Ingeniously use genuine patent leather to cover the entire shoe, and imported film to cover the surface of the leather base to achieve flatness and flexibility. The leather patent leather is attached with color paint, and then a glossy layer is added. The exquisite craftsmanship gives the shoe a very high gloss and texture as a whole. The sole is equipped with the DUAL CUSHION system and is made of transparent crystal rubber material to create a comfortable foot feel. The toe strap incorporates the Lamando L logo into it. After opening, there are two years on the left and right feet, which means that Lingdu started in 2014, and the innovation started in 2022. The details are full. The tongue drop plastic marks the Volkswagen logo, and the English names of SAIC Volkswagen and Lingdu L are used as embellishments on the left and right feet on the back. The logo on the insole is composed of chili and spicy, and the pinyin decoration of spicy characters on the side of the shoe fully reflects the spicy elements.

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