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How is the experience of Asics MetaSpeed ​​Edge running shoes

  • Monday, 11 July 2022
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How is the experience of Asics MetaSpeed ​​Edge running shoes

Hello everyone! I am Tony Shoe.

Among the two new products in the ASICS MetaSpeed+ series, the MetaSpeed ​​Edge+ is the one that has changed the most, and the midsole is obviously thickened. Therefore, we also chose the MetaSpeed ​​Edge+ for the upper foot selection. Before explaining the foot feel of MetaSpeed ​​Edge+, let's review the foot feel of MetaSpeed ​​Edge last year: it is crisp but slightly lacking in cushioning, and it is easy to cause foot shock due to insufficient cushioning in the long distance.

In addition, it may be because I am a runner with a partial stride, and I feel that the rolling transition of MetaSpeed ​​Edge is a bit deliberate, which will have a certain impact on the running posture.

This year's MetaSpeed ​​Edge+ approach is similar to last year, with long distances, jogging, some intensity training. But I have to say that this year's MetaSpeed ​​Edge+ is quite different from last year's.


First of all, the optimization of the cushioning performance of the shoes.

The FF Turbo midsole foam is thickened, and the cushioning improvement is visible to the naked eye. The most obvious feeling is that when running long distances this year, the experience of shocking feet in the back-end like last year is gone, and the shoes can still bring sufficient cushioning in the back-end.

Second, the optimization of scrolling feeling.

As mentioned earlier, when you put your feet on the MetaSpeed ​​Edge, you will feel that the process of landing and kicking has been deliberately changed, which actually affects the running experience. However, in the new MetaSpeed ​​Edge+, I don’t know whether it is a change in the force line or an optimization of the structure. The deliberate feeling of last year is gone, and the overall running is smoother.

It's worth noting that this running shoe is made for cadence runners.

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