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Why fake Air Jordan 3 can get Michael Jordan like?

  • Tuesday, 14 March 2023
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Fake Air Jordan 3 is a basketball shoe launched by Nike in 1988, and it is also the third pair of signature shoes that Nike has cooperated with Jordan.

Fake Air Jordan 3 and Michael Jordan

Prior to its launch, Jordan considered whether his collaboration with Nike should continue, but when he first saw the fake Air Jordan 3, he fell in love with the shoe immediately. Wearing the fake Air Jordan 3, Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to the NBA championship in 1988. The success of Air Jordan 3 not only promoted the development of Nike, but also established the leading position of Air Jordan series in the basketball shoe market.

Fake Air Jordan 3 and Technology

1. Air technology: Fake Air Jordan 3 is the first Air Jordan series basketball shoe equipped with Nike Air cushioning technology. The air cushion embedded in the sole provides excellent cushioning effect and reduces the impact when landing.

2. Stability of the outsole: The outsole of fake Air Jordan 3 adopts a unique suede design, which increases the stability of the shoe and improves the performance of athletes when changing direction and jumping.

3. Support: Fake Air Jordan 3's shoe body uses a combination of leather and synthetic materials, allowing the shoe to provide sufficient support while maintaining comfort.

According to statistics, as of the end of 2021, the fake Air Jordan 3 series has released more than 50 different colors and versions of shoes, some of which have attracted much attention and become classics.

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