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How to solve yeezy squeeze in front of yeezy How to solve yeezy squeeze in front of

  • Monday, 11 October 2021
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What if you find that the shoes you bought on our website are a bit crowded? Now teach you a few methods

1. Apply face cream to the foot-wiping area of the new shoes, or fully soak the wet paper towel with white wine, fix it to the foot-wiping area with a clip, and let it stand overnight to soften the leather;

2. If the edge of the shoe is worn out, you can cover it with a wet towel for a few minutes, so that it becomes soft, and then roll it with a cylindrical object such as a glass bottle;

3. Use adhesive tape to stick the shoes and feet, so the feet won't be wiped too much after using them for a long time;

4. You can cover it with a wet towel, and then support it with shoe clips, so that you can wear it smoothly.

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