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How to remove the black mark on the shoelace

  • Wednesday, 03 November 2021
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1. After removing the shoelaces, soak them in water with laundry detergent for about 10 minutes.

2. After soaking, gently rub and wash, if there are more difficult to clean stains on it, you can apply some soap to clean it.

3. After cleaning, arrange each shoelace separately, then fold it in half and put it on the hanger.

4. Prepare a little white vinegar. Dip some white vinegar with a paper towel, and then wrap the paper towel dipped in white vinegar on the shoelace to cover it.

5. After being covered, it can be dried in a ventilated place. Remove the paper towels after drying, and you will find that the shoelaces are very clean, just like new ones.

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