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High heels choose 5cm or 7cm height and high heels comparison table

  • Monday, 18 October 2021
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Choose 5cm or 7cm for high heels

Although the distance between 5cm and 7cm of high heels is only 2cm, there are obvious differences in comfort and proportion.

5cm high heels are more natural and very suitable for women in the workplace. They are both aura and not tired, and will not be too tired to wear for a day. If you are new to high heels, it is recommended to wear 5cm first and get used to it; 7cm high heels will appear taller , It is very aura, and it will also lengthen the proportion of the human body, but this kind of shoes is more tired after wearing for a long time, and it is not suitable to be worn for a long time.

Height and high heels comparison table

Depending on the height of the shoes, there will be obvious differences in the line of the legs.

It can be seen that there is no obvious change in the leg line when wearing 5 cm; the leg line is slightly improved at 7 cm; there is a significant increase in 10 cm, which can also make the waist line concave and convex; while 12 cm makes the legs deform. The upper body can't help but lean forward; 15 cm is against the sky...

In general, 7cm specializes in "wearing high heels will kill stars", 8cm is a very comfortable height for those experienced in high heels, and 10cm is relatively the most ideal and standard height. It takes into account height and relative comfort. It also makes the legs look more beautiful. But if you rarely wear high heels, it is recommended not to choose 10 cm rashly. You can choose 8.5 or 9 cm. Don't underestimate the 1 cm gap, sometimes even "the line between comfort and pain"!

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