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Are shoes smelling of alcohol useful? Are shoes smelling of perfume useful?

  • Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Are shoes smelling of alcohol useful?

Spraying alcohol on shoes can deodorize, but the effect is mediocre. Alcohol is volatile. Spraying some alcohol on your shoes can take away the peculiar smell and has the effect of sterilization, but it is best to use medical alcohol. Spread the shoes evenly with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and let them dry overnight before putting them on. Or use some dehydrated alum or lime powder, put it in a gauze bag, and stuff it into the shoe to absorb the moisture in the shoe and achieve the effect of deodorization.

What can be put in the shoes to remove the odor

1. Liquor. Knead the paper towel into a ball, pour the white wine on the paper ball, and stuff the paper ball into your shoes. This method is also applicable to white vinegar.

2. Camphor ball. Put the camphor ball in the cloth bag and put it in the shoes.

3. Bamboo charcoal. Put the bamboo charcoal bag in the shoe.

4. Orange peel. The honeycomb structure in the orange peel can absorb peculiar smell, just put the orange peel in the shoe.

5. Tea leaves. Dry the used tea dregs, put them in a cloth bag, and put them in shoes.

6. Five cents coins. Most of the odor in shoes is caused by the growth of bacteria in the shoes, and the copper ions in the five dimes are copper products which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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