Sports superstars cross-border joint names, Nike launches joint shoes The Chosen 2

Sports superstars cross-border joint names, Nike launches joint shoes The Chosen 2

  • Wednesday, 12 May 2021
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According to Stockxsneakerstore, Nike has launched the joint shoe The Chosen 2 for the two superstars of basketball and football, LeBron James (LeBron James) and Kylian Mbappé (Kylian Mbappé), as a tribute to what they have done to the younger generation. Example and positive influence.

The design inspiration for this cross-border joint name comes from the comparison of the growth trajectories of the two top athletes. Although James and Mbappé come from different fields, they have similar experiences. James is from Akron, Ohio, and Mbappé grew up in Bondi, a suburb of Paris, France. The poverty and hardship they experienced during their youth tempered and shaped their character and resilience. Nowadays, football rookie Mbappé has become the key man on the court with his extraordinary talents and skills and tactics; this is exactly the same as the former league rookie James, with superman physical fitness and basketball talent, showing a champion-level leadership temperament. . James has transformed into a true "chosen son" and has written his legendary career. Mbappe, the leader of the younger generation of football, is also launching an impact on the highest glory and trophies. At the same time, they are always committed to giving back to the community, helping children chase their dreams and making the world a better place.

Kylian Mbappé: "LeBron is a unique champion. I respect him deeply both on and off the court. For me, he is also a role model to inspire me on the way forward. From From Akron to Paris, we are all taking practical actions to provide a better growth environment for the younger generation. I sincerely hope that our common vision can have a strong social impact, and this is just the beginning. I hope to inspire and help The next generation, as long as they work hard, everything is possible. This is our responsibility now-to speak up, to pave the way, to be an unheard voice, and even an example they admire."

LeBron James: "No matter where I go, I will always be a kid from Akron. I will use my platform and do my best to help and inspire the younger generations. This means we need to make Practical and tangible changes will make our environment better. This is why my foundation has been aiming to address the needs of more children and families in a timely manner. Like Killian, I will continue to inspire people to go. Do more actions, take on more responsibilities, and make the world a better place through our joint efforts. We will do our best to not only lead, but also act, fully support and help others."

Nike has always been committed to the development and promotion of youth sports, to create a better sports future, to encourage more young generations to join the sports, to stimulate the greatest potential. It is worth mentioning that Nike will donate to the charitable foundation IBKM (Inspired by Kylian Mbappé) and the James Family Foundation founded by Mbappé to help the next generation grow together.

Stockxsneakerstore has learned that The Chosen 2 co-branded shoes launched this time include two products, Nike LeBron 18 Chosen 2 and Nike Mercurial Mbappé Chosen 2.



Nike LeBron 18 Chosen 2

Nike LeBron 18 Chosen 2 uses a translucent sole with a black Knitposite 2.0 upper. The purple interlining on the pearly heel is printed with a black LeBron x Kylian pattern. The Air bag on the tongue is printed with Mbappé's exclusive KM logo and James' personal logo, as well as the symmetrical words "Chosen One". The double Swoosh logo on the toe and insole is the finishing touch of the joint shoe. The basketball court and football scene on the left foot insole, as well as the words LeBron x Kylian on the right foot, all refer to the cross-border cooperation of the foot basket.



Nike Mercurial Mbappé Chosen 2

Nike Mercurial Mbappé Chosen 2 adds the LeBron x Kylian pattern to the football boots. Black and silver run through the body of the shoe, showing a colorful visual effect as the light changes. The symmetrical words "Chosen One" on the toe, the exclusive KM logo of Mbappé with 3D effect on the heel and the personal logo of James, and the unique double Swoosh logo on the outside of the shoe, all show the cross-border joint identity of the boot. The insole pattern design is consistent with Nike LeBron 18 Chosen 2.

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