OG Tony's aj's shoe size is too large or too small

  • Saturday, 13 November 2021
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   OG Tony's AJ shoe size is neither too large nor too small, just right.

   Og tony aj size belongs to the standard shoe size, there is no phenomenon of too large or small, but if you have fat feet, you can choose half a size too large. But if the size is large, it is easy to wrinkle, so when you buy, you can measure the length of your feet to see what it is, and then compare the size.

   Og tony aj is a sports board shoe. Many boys wear aj to play. In fact, most aj is not suitable for strenuous exercise. First of all, it is easy to damage the shoes. Secondly, it has no shock absorption effect and may cause injury to the feet. The NIKEs that are produced and put on the domestic market are manufactured in accordance with the size of Asian feet. They are standard sizes and no difference. So please check where the shoes you are fancy are, and then look at the size accordingly.

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