Is it necessary to use shoe covers for OG tony shoes? Are shoe covers harmful to ogtong shoes?

  • Friday, 19 November 2021
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OG tony shoes can be used as a shoe shield, which can indeed play a role in preventing wrinkles on the surface.

The effect of the shoe shield is not bad, it can improve the surface wrinkles of ogtony shoe to a certain extent, and the price is not high, the price on the market is generally around 30 yuan.

Is the shoe shield harmful to OG tony shoe?

Ogtony shoe has no damage to the shoe shield, but the disadvantage of the shoe shield is that the toes are stuck, and the feet will hurt after a long time. The shoe shield is placed inside the shoe to prevent wrinkles on the upper. The two plastic shaped pieces stuffed inside the shoe have a certain degree of protection. There are vent holes on the top, which will not affect the air permeability of ogtony shoe too much when used.

Will OG tony shoe crack when folded?

The folds of Ogtony shoe will not split. Now the workmanship of aj is indeed much better than before. As long as you wear it often, there will be a lot of wrinkles in the front of the toe cap, but this is only a problem that affects the appearance and does not affect the wear. You can do more maintenance for your shoes.

How to take care of OG tony shoe daily

You can prepare a few more pairs of Ogtony shoe to wear in rotation, which will help keep the upper and the inside clean. You can also buy a deodorant spray, spray it when you are not wearing it. When you are not wearing it, place it in a ventilated place and blow more to prevent odor. In addition, don't wear AJ on rainy days, and don't let your shoes get damp, or they will easily get moldy.

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