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Customer feedback on sneaker purchases

  • Friday, 20 August 2021
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It has a good texture and good looks, just like a physical store, I plan to buy another pair of friends

Very worthwhile, not bad, and the logistics is fast

The Nike sneakers purchased by the customer in our store have been received. The shoes are beautiful and particularly satisfying. They are worth owning and buying. They are very good-looking. Children like the beautiful appearance and comfortable. Good workmanship. The customer is particularly satisfied. Continue to patronize my shop.

Appearance: noble Comfort: comfortable Workmanship details: very good Size: suitable Grip effect: good Air permeability: good.

Good shoes, men's shoes, sports shoes, especially after putting them on, the shock absorption effect is very good. Very comfortable, not tired from shopping.

The size is just right, the workmanship has nothing to say, the walking is also very comfortable, the texture is very good

The shoes are very comfortable, the merchants deliver them quickly, and the packaging is good, it is worth buying

Appearance value: very good Comfort: very good Workmanship details: well-fitted Size: a good fit Grip effect: good Breathability: cool

We do our best to serve every customer, and customer feedback on us is also the most valuable publicity resource. We guarantee the reasonable needs of every customer to the greatest extent, but we cannot guarantee that our work will satisfy every customer and friend. In other words, whether we are successful or not, we are all regarded as making friends. As long as you are new to us, we will guarantee the legitimate interests of consumers to the greatest extent possible.

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