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22th November ,tony shoe's customer feedback

  • Monday, 22 November 2021
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Tonyshoe's  customer feedback . 

  The happiest thing is our customer share the shoes with me, i can see them looks very beautiful , i think my boys and girs looks very good too shen them wearing them .

OFF White x Air Jordan 4 Sail ,this shoes is one of the leading sales and top quality . The vintage-looking yellowed soles are a call back to the Union’s Jordan 1 collaboration from 2018.

 And as we all know , We have the OWF batch and the Ogtony batch , why we choose 2 bacth, i already write ie on my website , altgough they have different , but  bothe them are tested by us . you cna choose every of them at ease. 

 welcome everyone to sahre with me !

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