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In the past year, Tony Shoes has communicated with many factories in Putian City, China, and visited their factories to learn more about their production process! After many investigations and exchanges, referring to several well-known replica shoes on reddit, we chose the Og Tony batch and the OWF batch.Today I will take you to know about Fake Yeezy Slide of Og Tony batch, I hope this will give you a better understanding of Fake Yeezy Slide!

Fake Yeezy Slide is one of our best-selling shoes and is loved by many netizens! I believe that fake Yeezy Slide will bring you a different experience! Yeezy Slide perfectly integrates top craftsmanship with brand-new technology, let Fake Yeezy Slide help you easily deal with all fierce battles, detonating hot energy at any time. Replica Yeezy Slide is made of a mixture of cowhide and artificial leather to create excellent breathability and durability. The"AIRJORDAN Wings" logo on the heel of Fake Yeezy Slide demonstrates the mighty and domineering king. The number 23 is embroidered on the tongue of the shoe, demonstrating its noble pedigree. Yeezy Slide comes with a built-in AIR cushion. The soft touch allows for a more natural and smooth contact with the ground, which minimizes impact and reliably protects your feet. Fake Yeezy Slide will be one of the must-have shoes for your daily sports or life! Fake Yeezy Slide hard rubber outsole combines flex grooves and rounded The textured design brings first-class grip and wear resistance, and the extraordinary effect makes your every shot amazing. Fake Yeezy Slide top layer cowhide and human leather upper provides great comfort and abrasion resistance, and the ventilation holes in the upper improve air circulation while wearing!

Fake Yeezy Slide cup midsole for a great fit. Low-top collar for flexibility at the ankleThe proprietary weaving technology we developed is not that different from standard carbon fiber, but it is different in size and shape. The Fake Yeezy Slide provides just the right amount of rigidity while also allowing the foot to flex naturally. In addition to using the latest technological concept of "protective rope at the ankle", Fake Yeezy Slide also tried every means to use LASER laser engraving technology to highlight the glorious past of Michael Jordan and the AIR JORDAN series. As long as you carefully observe it, it is not difficult to find that on the magic strap on the upper of the Replica Yeezy Slide, there are large and small patterns of various shapes and shapes engraved, and each of these patterns is an independent whole!

 About OG Tony Batch

  OG Tony Batch is a batch produced by the old Putian factory. Ontony shoes are known for their quality. Made of soft leather, canvas, suede and other materials. Ogtony shoes are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes! It's the perfect mix of sneaker and animal print trends. The shoes are made of leather and come with a lot of price options.

  The OG Tony Batch features a grey suede upper, red tongue with black text, zebra print on the toe and eyelet, and a white/toothed high-sole outsole with pink and grey accents. You can easily put on these sneakers by simply zipping them up. Additionally, the insole is made of leather and the upper is made entirely of leather and texture. The shoes are true to size and come with an extra lot of laces.

 About Tony Shoes

  Tony shoe sells Tony sneakers, it is the official online store for Tony sneakers, our product includes a wide range of quality and cheap OG Tony Sneakers and ogtony shoes. So, we often call ourselves tony shoes, tony sneakers, ogtony shoes.

  We are a professional and reliable online shopping mall that offers a wide range of Tony Shoes at reasonable prices and ships worldwide. As a global online store, Tony shoe has its own factory, eliminating unnecessary costs and providing the lowest possible prices to customers around the world, our goal is to make the lowest price available to every one of our customers products they love. We understand that each customer has different needs for the price and quality of our products, so our product prices are determined according to the different qualities of our products. We're committed to making the OG Tony sneakers website where every customer can get what they really need and enjoy shopping.on and his fourth NBA championship. Jordan became the second player to be named most Valuable player in the regular season, All-Star game and Finals in a single season.


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