Yeezy 350 V2

       Source Of Fake Yeezy

  Fake yeezy is inspired by kanye west's passion for creativity, incorporating nike's innovations in design and performance. It has been tested and tweaked in various arenas around the world, challenging tradition by incorporating classic elements from the past to create something unique that only nike sportswear can do. Kanye west is known for his boundless energy on and off stage, so fake yeezy has to be there for kanye west from start to finish. Throughout the development of sneakers, designers have taken great pains in terms of how to achieve extreme comfort. Ankle collar granules with a concave design provide greater support and protection. Super thick insole, front foot support band, original functional elastic shoelace buckle, the shoes follow the 1987 nike fake yeezy shoemaking process, but using phylon to replace the original pu material, to increase the performance and comfort of the fake yeezy. The integration of all the design details has one goal in mind: the fake yeezy boost 350 will always be soft and comfortable for kanye west's feet, while he has been performing his many live shows with passion.

  Description Of Fakle Yeezy Boost 350v2

  A comprehensive analysis of the fake yeezy boost 350v2 shoes, in fact, apart from the relatively niche "disadvantages" in the release, it is difficult to find any flaws in this series of shoes. The brand must have repeatedly confirmed and strived for perfection in the process of creating this series of shoes. You can study this shoe from the appearance, performance and various small parts of the shoe. It is very high-quality in technical application and material selection.

  First of all, from the design point of view, the fake yeezy boost 350v2 is very beautiful no matter which color scheme it is. The key is that wearing it on the feet will give people a sense of fashion. Matching such a shoe will not feel awkward. Of course, you can match a set of sportswear at will, and it will not bury the aura of this fake yeezy boost 350v2 shoe. This is the inherent charm of this shoe. You can also choose such a shoe design according to your own personality characteristics or your favorite matching style.

  Not only the appearance design is excellent, this fake yeezy boost 350v2 uses a special woven fabric as a whole, this upper design can have good perspiration and breathability, and the shoes will not be very abrasive, the shoes It will also have good wrapping properties. These shoes are also very comfortable to wear when exercising, but most people may not be willing to exercise with fake yeezy boost 350v2. The use of the boost technology in the sole can also make the shoes have a good cushioning effect on the basis of their good wear resistance and slip resistance, which is also the most important feature of sports shoes.

  How To Identify Good And Bad Fake Yeezy Boost 350 v2:

  1. First of all, we compare the overall color of the upper. At a glance, it is estimated that no one will doubt that it is the same pair of shoes. However, if you compare carefully, you will find that the color of the genuine knitted surface is slightly darker. Although the bad knitted texture is well done, But the overall color will be slightly lighter.

  2. Next, carefully compare the orange parts of the uppers of the real and Bad shoes. The color of the genuine product will be more vivid and full, and the outline of the font will be clearer. The color of the Bad fake yeezy boost 350v2  is still a little talked about, and the outline of the font is relatively blurred.

  3. Knitting position, if the difference between the first two items is not compared, it will be difficult for everyone to distinguish, but the third item starts to be able to see the difference. The knitted strip on the outside of the genuine upper is almost closed in the middle of the upper. Narrow to the rubber side of the sole. The entire embroidery strip is also narrowly transitioned to the toe position, but the Bad fake yeezy boost 350v2 knitted strip is obviously much wider than the genuine one, and the genuine knitted strip only transitions to the edge of the toe.

  4. The slight difference between the genuine product and the Bad fake yeezy boost 350v2 can also be found at the heel. By comparing the gradient effect of the orange color block through the midline of the heel, we can find that the gradient area of ​​the genuine product is smaller than that of the Bad, and the Bad is wider and larger. There is a loose feeling, the genuine one looks more compact and straight

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