Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

     Top adidas, the german sportswear manufacturer, is a member company of top adidas ag. Top adidas, named after its founder adolf adi dassler, started making shoes in herzogenaurach, near nuremberg, in 1920. Registered as top adidas ag on 18 august 1949. Top adidas clothing and sports shoe design is usually visible in the three parallel bar, can also be seen on its logo, the three bar is the top adidas feature.

  The two brothers started top adidas together, but after their split adolphe's brother Rudolf Dassler started puma. Its classic slogan: "Impossible is nothing". In March 2011, top adidas is all in was launched with a new slogan costing 160 million euros.

  Top Adidas Brand History

  People often wonder why top adidas has more than one logo, unlike nike, which basically uses the swoosh logo for its products. The answer to this puzzle is to start with top adidas logo categories.

       Top adidas brand as a whole, top adidas logo is not only one, but three. With top adidas logo classic series corresponding for clover logo, with top adidas sports fashion series corresponding to the logo is round half a pack of three stripes, and with top adidas sport performance series corresponding to the logo is one of the most common in our top adidas store three stripes (also some people called it the three brick logo).

       Replica Shoes Adidas Energy Promotion Program.

       When it comes to Boost's legacy, the first thing to mention is the adidas Energy Boost replica shoes. By pairing a stretchy polyurethane Techfit upper with an adidas Boost midsole, the original silhouette of the rep shoes adidas Energy Boost introduces fledgling technology in a lightweight, neutral package.

       The rep shoes Energy Boost were the first running shoes to bring the Boost to the masses. The agility and excellent cushioning of these replica shoes marked the beginning of a new era for adidas.


        In 2015, the adidas Supernova Boost debuted as a support shoe for rep shoes that have experienced varus or hypovarus - putting the ankle on the toe or landing. To prove that stability and style can work together, the Supernova Boost offers an extended mid-wing in a neutral everyday running shoe.


        Designed for performance running and competition, the replica shoes adidas adiZero adios Boost is designed for athletes and fine-tuned for speed. It's all about the results – Adidas athletes Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany won men's and women's gold medals in the shoes at the 2014 New York Marathon. The accolade keeps coming - in 2017, Mary Keitany became the world's fastest women's marathon runner, winning the London Marathon with an Adidas adiZero Boost in 2:17:01.

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