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  Top nike trademark top nike English original meaning refers to the greek goddess of victory. top nike is a world famous brand of sports goods, chinese translated as top nike. The company is based in beaverton, oregon. The company produces all kinds of sporting goods: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. In early september 2011, top nike shoes were accused of being different in China and abroad, with the same type of shoes costing more in China but lacking air cushion. The top nike logo is a small hook.

  Top nike has always been proud to inspire and deliver the best products to every athlete in the world. top nike's language is the language of sport. Top nike has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development and development of new products. Top nike revolutionized the sports world with its pioneering air cushion technology. The technology produces sneakers that protect an athlete's ankle from spraining during strenuous exercise.

      The highlight of the first collaborative project between Nike and fake Fear of God founder and creative director Jerry Lorenzo is a Fake Fear of God basketball shoe. This sneaker uses double-layer Zoom Air, which also allows athletes to play with other assistance. Functional design. Over the past few weeks, everyone must have seen the shoes more or less, first by Lorenzo on the latest product of the fake fear of god, and then on the feet of NBA stars. This debut is very strategic and fully reflects Lorenzo's good intentions to focus on the emotional element of sports.

      The Los Angeles-based designer said: “The only way to judge this fake fear of god is how the child feels when he sees the fake fear of god for the first time, and how the fake fear of god will make him feel. We Living in an age where pictures are being circulated in various ways and products are being communicated in a way that is completely without careful consideration and emotional attachment. My goal is to create a visceral experience for the child when he first sees Ben Simmons Wear this fake fear of god on the field, or see your favorite athlete wearing it on the court.”

       The fake fear of god wanted to tap into some kind of nostalgia. Not about what to wear, but how to wear it. He wanted to awaken a feeling and a spirit that he believed to be currently neglected and dormant, reminding people that sport once had a decisive influence on styling.

      "I grew up in the '80s and graduated high school in the '90s," he says. "When I was younger...the opposite of what it is now, our streetwear was inspired by top star athletes and professional athletes. Back then like Agassi and Jordan These athletes are at the pinnacle of their athletic careers, and they're very particular about what they're wearing, both in terms of design and aesthetics."

About OG Tony Batch

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  The OG Tony Batch features a grey suede upper, red tongue with black text, zebra print on the toe and eyelet, and a white/toothed high-sole outsole with pink and grey accents. You can easily put on these sneakers by simply zipping them up. Additionally, the insole is made of leather and the upper is made entirely of leather and texture. The shoes are true to size and come with an extra lot of laces.

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