Air Max 97

The Air Max 97 men's sports shoes sold by Tony Shoe use a streamlined body and excellent technology to create all-round protection for you who love sports. The powerful function brings a higher level of comfort, light weight, cushioning and response to your feet. Strength, to create the immortal legend of the Air Max series, but also to help you continue to create your peak sports record.

The Air Max 97 men's sneaker in Og Tony Shoes strives to perfect the sense of wearing. The classic wear-resistant upper material and the breathable engineering mesh work together to create an unprecedented light fit and breathable support for your feet. The feet can more easily have the power of speed.

Og Tony 's Air Max 97 men's sports shoe craftsmanship uses NIKE's powerful full-palm visible air cushion technology, soft and targeted cushioning performance to perfectly protect the stable state of the feet.