Air Max 90

The NIKE Air Max 90 series sold by Tony Shoe is currently a series that people prefer. The fashion of NIKE Air Max 90 and the comfort it provides during exercise have made many people fascinated by it, and it is also one of its unique charms.

The NIKE Air Max 90 series in Og Tony Shoes has a very good shock absorption system. It has the very representative MAX air cushion of Nike brand and the addition of PVC foam material, which can ensure that the shoes have good cushioning during wearing. Effect and bounce ability, many people choose Nike Max 90 series when participating in sports such as running, it is precisely because of its very good characteristics in these aspects.

In Og Tony, the NIKE Air Max 90 performs very well in other aspects of performance. Its perspiration and breathability are very good, and it can wrap the feet well. It can ensure that the wearer of the Nike Max 90 series has a very good performance. Comfortable experience.