NIKE Air Max 90

      Since its launch in 1987, the fake Air Max 90 has remained one of Nike's most popular sneakers and one of the most famous models in the Air Max line. It is not only popular in the US and European markets, but also has a high popularity and market share worldwide.

      Story of Fake Air Max 90 

      First launched in 1990, the fake Air Max 90 is a member of the Nike Air Max line and the successor to the Air Max 1. The shoe was designed by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who also designed many other classic Nike sneakers, such as Air Jordan III, Air Max 1 and so on.

     Considered a classic fashion shoe, the fake Air Max 90 has a clean, streamlined design and is incredibly durable. Apart from being a sneaker, it can also be worn as a fashion shoe. Its variety of colors and material options makes it suitable for different wearing occasions and styles.

     In addition, best fake Air Max 90 is also favored by many trend culture and art circles. Its design is often used in joint collaborations with various trendy brands, and it is also one of the shoes that many artists and musicians like.

     In general, fake Air Max 90 has a high reputation and popularity in the market, whether it is in the sports shoes market or the trend culture and art fields, it has a wide range of applications and audiences.

      Design of Fake Air Max 90

      The design of the fake Air Max 90 is inspired by nature, including mountains, rivers, clouds and other elements. Designer Tinker Hatfield translated these elements into various parts of the shoe, such as the toe cap, midsole and sole. This natural element of inspiration is common in the Air Max collection, as is the fake Air Max 90.

      The original fake Air Max 90 used a white, gray and black color scheme, but over time, the shoe has introduced more color schemes, including red, blue, green, yellow, etc., to meet the needs of different people. The needs and preferences of the population.

      Materials and Technologies of Fake Air Max 90

      Air Max Cushioning: Air Max cushioning is one of Nike's most important technologies. It uses a combination of air cushion and foam materials to provide the wearer with excellent cushioning and reduce the impact of movement on the joints.

       Body material: fake Air Max 90 uses a variety of different materials, such as leather, suede, mesh and so on. These materials provide comfort and durability, while also adding a different texture and look to the shoe.

      Phylon Midsole: The Phylon midsole is a lightweight foam material that provides the wearer with excellent cushioning and support, as well as durability.

      Rubber outsole: The outsole of the best fake Air Max 90 is made of rubber, which provides excellent wear resistance and grip, allowing the wearer to get stable support on different surfaces.

     Flywire Technology: Flywire technology uses special wires that provide extra support and stability in the lace section of the shoe while also reducing the weight of the shoe.

     Overall, the fake Air Max 90 uses a number of different materials and technologies to give it great performance and comfort. These designs made the fake Air Max 90 a very popular sneaker and a classic among Nike sneakers.

     Fake Air Max 90 Classic Shoes

     Fake Air Max 90 Infrared: One of the most classic fake Air Max 90 silhouettes, this one features a black, white and red color scheme, with vibrant red accents on the midsole and tongue.

     Fake Air Max 90 OG "Laser Blue": This shoe uses white and gray as the main color, and the midsole and tongue part use bright blue. The whole shoe is very fresh and simple.

     Fake Air Max 90 "Bacon": Created by New York-based trend store Dave's Quality Meat (DQM) in collaboration with Nike, this shoe features a pink, brown and white color scheme and a thin slice of meat graphic across the upper.

      Fake Air Max 90 "Duck Camo": This shoe features a camouflage pattern in black and dark gray for a very military look.

      Fake Air Max 90 "Mars Landing": Inspired by the red landscape on the surface of Mars, this shoe uses bright orange and red as the main color, which is very eye-catching.

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