Air Jordan

      Fake jordan series sneakers are far ahead of other products in terms of sales and market demand, and set up a higher benchmark of design, innovation and function for the whole sports shoe industry every year. At the heart of the fake Jordan series is the perfect combination of athlete and technology -- Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball star in the history of basketball, and the basketball shoes that accompanied his illustrious career, highlighting his relentless pursuit of function, innovation and achievement.

      Fake Air Jordan Brand Story

      Fake jordan is a nike line named after michael jordan, the most famous nba  player of all time. In 1985, michael jordan was signed by Nike, then a small manufacturer of sporting goods, with a high salary. Nike soon launched the first shoe named after Him. That is, the first fake air jordan series. Although the fake Jordan had a strange color scheme and new technology at the time, no one could have imagined that it would be the beginning of a myth.

     The fake jordan outsole uses solid traction and excellent flexibility. The grooves are designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. The fake air jordan Brand's Tom Luedecke explains :" It's zonally engineered to actually match the footprint. We are looking for a footprint finding where shoe wear originally occurred, the right amount of traction pattern." The proprietary weaving

technology developed by the fake jordan brand is not that different from standard carbon fiber, but it is different in size and shape. The fake Jordan provides just the right amount of rigidity while allowing the foot to flex naturally.

    In addition to the latest technology concept of "ankle protection rope", fake jordan also tried every means to use laser engraving technology to highlight the glorious past of michael jordan tnd fake jordan series. As long as careful observation is not difficult to find, in the fake jordan upper of the magic band, carved with large and small, various, different shapes of the pattern, and each of these patterns is an independent whole, we can find fake jordan in his career the highest score; We can also see fake jordan's birthday; Or the car might catch your attention because it was the first car fake Jordan ever bought. There is also a hand with six fingers, which means fake Jordan already has six championship rings.

     Now, fake Jordan for most of the shoe fans, is no longer what rare things. But the significance of the launch of the fake Jordan  in 2005 should not be forgotten. For us, fake Jordan upper pattern is an additional language in history, it shows the wind and rain of the previous 20 years, records, but fake Jordan and fake air jordan series in the past 20 years of glory.

      Fake Air Jordan Series Of Review

     1.Fake Air Jordan 1

     Go back to the source. The legendary fake Air Jordan 1 was born, both a functional footwear product and a cultural icon. It was a revolutionary product and was banned by the nba for violating its "uniform dress code." michael went ahead and wore it, and was fined up to $5,000 per game. At the same time, fake air jordan emerged in league and international games, made his first all-Star appearance, was named Rookie of the Year, and was dubbed "God incarnate Michael Jordan" by boston Celtics legend larry bird.

    2.Fake Air Jordan 3

    Tinker hatfield brings his first sneaker to life with groundbreaking innovations and flawless looks. The fake Air Jordan 3 features an exposed nike air and decorative synthetic elephant leather ruffles. Another landmark design element was the introduction of the classic "Flying Man" logo. This season, Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon first appeared in a nike TV commercial, attracting a following. Fake jordan also stole the spotlight with his first NBA Most Valuable Player, defensive Player of the Year and another dunk contest title. In an interview with SLAM magazine, Jordan named the fake Jordan 3 as one of his favorite objects. And it was voted the greatest sneaker of all time by 2,005 ESPN viewers.

     3.Fake Air Jordan 4

     With breathable mesh inserts, super-stable lacing, and extraordinary cushioning soles, Tinker hatfield has created a sneaker that is fluid, rhythmic and elegant. Michael brings the sneakers to life with his gravity-defying series of dunks, complete with a special tongue that makes "fast" the shoe's trademark. Spike's "Do The Right Thing" is another eulogy for fake jordan ⅳ's functionality; The rapper slick rick says he's interested in taking back the 2006 vintage basketball shoestring. After the launch of fake jordan 4, fake jordan series was truly entered into the dictionary of modern culture.

    4.Fake Air Jordan 6

    The design of the fake Jordan 6 is inspired by Michael Jordan's love for luxury sports cars, particularly the Porsche 911. This is reflected in the sneaker's sleek lines and visible Air cushioning in the heel, which was a first for the fake Air Jordan line. The fake Jordan 6 features a simple and clean design, with a smooth leather upper, perforated panels for breathability, and a rubber outsole for traction. The Jumpman logo, which is the iconic logo of the fake Jordan brand, is prominently displayed on the tongue and heel of the sneaker.

    5.Fake Air Jordan 11

    The fake Air Jordan 11 is a classic of the classics and was inspired by Michael's vision of bringing a "proper image" to the pitch. He wore the ⅺ sneaker during the 1995-1996 season after making a full comeback, making the ⅺ the most popular sneaker in the fake jordan line. Another bold innovation, The fake Jordan 11 debuted patent leather in the sneaker, including a "secret weapon" carbon fiber stretchpad and polymer-coated uppers that prevented stretching or deformation, which led Michael Jordan to 72 wins in the seas. 

      About OG Tony Batch

     OG Tony Batch is a batch produced by the old Putian factory. Ontony shoes are known for their quality, such as fake jordan series. the fake Jordan series are made of soft leather, canvas, suede and other materials. Ogtony shoes are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes! It's the perfect mix of sneaker and animal print trends. The fake Jordan series are made of leather and come with a lot of price options.


     The OG Tony Batch features a grey suede upper, red tongue with black text, zebra print on the toe and eyelet, and a white/toothed high-sole outsole with pink and grey accents. You can easily put on these fake Jordan serices by simply zipping them up. Additionally, the insole is made of leather and the upper is made entirely of leather and texture. The shoes are true to size and come with an extra lot of laces.

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