Air Jordan 1

   Fake jordan 1 is nike jordan series of the first generation of basketball shoes, was born in 1985, because this is the nba's first pair of black and red matching shoes, so let everyone remember it for the first time.

  Fake Air Jordan Brand Story

  The fake jordan outsole uses solid traction and excellent flexibility. The grooves are designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. Fake jordan Brand's tom luedecke explains :" It's zonally engineered to actually match the footprint. We are looking for a footprint finding where shoe wear originally occurred, the right amount of traction pattern." The proprietary weaving technology developed by The fake jordan brand is not that different from standard carbon fiber, but it is different in size and shape. It provides just the right amount of rigidity while allowing the foot to flex naturally.

  Now, fake jordan 1 for most of the shoe fans, is no longer what rare things. But the significance of the launch of the fake jordan 1 in 2005 should not be forgotten. For us, fake jordan 1 upper pattern is an additional language in history, it shows the wind and rain of the previous 20 years, records, but jordan and Air jordan series in the past 20 years of glory.

  Fake Air Jordan 1 Was Born

  "Air Man" is the nickname given to michael jordan. Not only does he jump like crazy and often make incredible moves on the court, but he wears the fake jordan 1 on his foot." "Air jordan" is the name of nike's signature shoes for michael jordan. It's not just about the technology of the shoe, it's also about fake jordan 1's playing style. The ad, launched during Thanksgiving 1984, left a deep impression on many people. The camera starts with an aerial view of chicago, followed by the roar of an engine, and fake air jordan 1 runs into the camera in slow motion, grabs a basketball, dribbles it under the basket, spreads his legs, raises the ball with one hand, reaches down and dunks it. The voice-over says, Who says he's not flying?

  The fake jordan 1 was a huge success, thanks to Jordan's magical on-court performance and nike's excellent advertising campaign. Sales of the shoes reached $130 million in 1985! By the following september, the fake jordan 1 had sold 2.3 million pairs, making it a miracle in sneaker history.

  Nike has edited fake jordan 1's amazing moves on the court and set it to an english song called "Jump". It was an early music video, I guess. Michael looked uncomfortable at the press conference. No wonder he had not been exposed to such business situations before. I stared at michael's face the whole time. His facial muscles remained stiff. He didn't smile. Maybe he had something else on his mind.

  Soon after, nike tailored his first flying boots. But basketball is a team sport, and it was a controversial move. Rod Thorn, the general manager of the bulls, and I talked about it. "Michael's a basketball player, not a tennis player. His argument is not unreasonable, at that time people's impression only tennis, boxing, such as individual events only have special equipment, a basketball team should be uniform all the players.

  Fake Air Jordan1 Shoes introduction

  1.Fake Air Jordan 1 High

  The original version of fake jordan 1 is also the most popular of all versions. The classic nine holes and color scheme will also be released in 2018 with various adaptations, but the high version of fake jordan 1 is still available. No matter how hard the other versions try, they still call the shoes big brother.

  2.Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid

  Mid version fake jordan 1 is the brother of High version, there is no difference between mid version and high version except that there are eight shoelace holes. Even the color matching is almost the same, but the price is much cheaper than high version. If you really want to buy a pair of fake jordan 1, but the money is not enough, you can consider this mid version.

  3.Fake Air Jordan 1 Low

  To be honest, the low fake jordan 1 is so rare that if you saw it you might think it was a nike sb, because the low fake jordan 1 doesn't look like a basketball shoe anymore, it looks more like a skateboard shoe, and its release date is not much different from that of nike sb, so you can assume that nike is treating the fake jordan 1 as a skateboard shoe.

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