Air Jordan 1 High

      The original version of replica Jordan 1 high is also the most popular of all versions. The classic nine holes and color scheme will also be released in 2018 with various adaptations, but the high version of jordan 1 high top is still available. No matter how hard the other versions try, they still call the shoes big brother.

  Replica Air Jordan 1 High Was Born

  "Air Man" is the nickname given to michael jordan. Not only does he jump like crazy and often make incredible moves on the court, but he wears the replica Air Jordan 1 High on his foot." "Air jordan" is the name of nike's signature shoes for michael jordan. It's not just about the technology of the shoe, it's also about replica jordan 1's playing style. The ad, launched during Thanksgiving 1984, left a deep impression on many people. The camera starts with an aerial view of chicago, followed by the roar of an engine, and replica air jordan 1 runs into the camera in slow motion, grabs a basketball, dribbles it under the basket, spreads his legs, raises the ball with one hand, reaches down and dunks it. The voice-over says, Who says he's not flying?

  The replica jordan 1 high  was a huge success, thanks to Jordan's magical on-court performance and nike's excellent advertising campaign. Sales of the shoes reached $130 million in 1985! By the following september, the replica jordan 1 had sold 2.3 million pairs, making it a miracle in sneaker history. 

      About Replica Air Jordan 1 High 

  Replica Jordan 1 high has three important features, including the nike Air logo on the tongue, the flying wing logo on the side of the shoe, and a total of nine holes for shoelaces. And for distinguishing replica jordan 1 high top or middle top shoes to see the number of holes is the most simple. High quality leather in the red and black colors that symbolize the Bulls. The classic retro style of plate basketball shoes, the classic Swoosh on both sides of the hook mark, the flying wing logo on the middle top, everywhere embodies the style of the early legend of replica jordan 1 series. Although it has been an old configuration in terms of science and technology, classic color matching, high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship have not changed. Black and red white replica jordan 1 high top as a pioneering work, it is not too much to call it the most classic replica jordan 1 high shoes. As the closest basketball shoe to a board shoe, replica jordan 1 high is the most versatile shoe in the collection. Instead of the heavy feeling of basketball shoes, the gorgeous and pedigree street-style feeling is replaced. That black, red and white is almost all the shoe-loving boys' first and most impressive memory of replica jordan 1 shoes.

  It's no surprise that the replica jordan 1 high is one of the hottest shoe styles of the moment, and it has more longevity than the Dunk series, which has come back in recent years. Interestingly, as far as replica Air Jordan 1 itself is concerned, its reputation among players is also polarized -- undoubtedly, many players regard replica jordan 1 as a palace level product, because no matter from the historical position of shoe style itself, or from the perspective of today's trend collocation, replica jordan 1 has enough weight; On the other hand, some players complain that the replica jordan 1 high is now stuck in a palette game, and that it has become too popular. Equipped with the most advanced cushioning technology at that time, replica jordan 1 high also attracted the attention and favor of skateboarders. High-top body, leather uppers and air soles all provide good support for strenuous sports, and frequently appear in basketball courts and skateboards.

  Replica Jordan 1 high is Nike's "God of basketball" Bykel. Jordan designed a pair of signature basketball shoes, in the technology and appearance design of innovation, throw the original shoe design concept, with excellent appearance design and nike's built-in air sol. The air cushion, and the fine for violating the ba's regulations, made replica jordan 1 high popular and popular, with sales of $130 million that year, selling 2.3 million pairs, making it a miracle in the history of athletic shoes and a legendary pair of shoes in people's hearts. Nike released 197 replica jordan 1 models in different colors in 2018, which means a new replica jordan 1 high was released every 44.5 hours in 2018. The 197-model replica jordan 1 high has sold more than 300,000 pairs on StockX for a cumulative $92 million, more than six times that of the Air force 1, according to stockX. In 2018, nike reported revenue of $36.397 billion. Sales in Greater China exceeded 5 billion yuan for the first time. It reached $5.134 billion. Replica Jordan 1 high has made great contributions to it. Recently,replica air jordan 1 high consumers mainly focus on children, teenagers and youth, which shows that the population of replica jordan 1 covers A large area.

    Replica Air Jordan 1 High “Chicago”

    This shoe is known for its red, white and black color scheme.

    Replica Air Jordan 1 High "Bred"

    This shoe has a very iconic black and red color scheme as the main color scheme

    Replica Air Jordan 1 High “Royal”

    This shoe is known for its blue and black color scheme.

    Replica Air Jordan 1 High “Shadow”

    This shoe is known for its gray and black color scheme.

    Replica Air Jordan 1 High “Metallic Red”

    This shoe is known for its classic bright red look.

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      Founded in 2018, Off White Factory is a new factory with great potential. The team members come from the original Nike x Off White Guangzhou factory and have rich shoemaking experience and technology. They have been committed to creating the best quality OWF Batch sneakers at the best price, and hope to gain everyone's support! Recommended replica Jordan 1 series.

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