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      Product Center
      • Mechanics
        Instead of taking, or store, and so on.Makes a complete line of regularity, stability, sustainability, to ensure constant production operation, to improve production efficiency and product quality stability.
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      • Hardware
        Using the most advanced gravity casting technology, precision machining, totally natural, durable valve core adopt imported precision ceramics valve core, with a diamond-like hardness.
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      • Machine tool
        Available on the lathe bits, knurling tools for appropriate processing.Mainly used for the shaft, plates, covers and other artifacts with a rotating surface, is manufacturing and repair facilities in the most widely used class of machine tools.
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      About us
      The highest export production enterprises honor in the "national export inspection exemption qualifications," in China the birth of XX years, the first drop in engineering machinery enterprises head. On June 2X, XX group of Xuzhou heavy machinery limited company in the national construction machinery industry and the XX area first obtain export inspection exemption qualifications, marking the XX heavy product quality reach the international advanced level, to enter the international market to accelerate the pace of.
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